Feisty Women

Posted: January 9th, 2017 by

Founding partner Joni Berner comes from a long line of feisty women. When her sister Peggy, who is working on the family ancestry, found this:

she commented:

I ran into this wonderful news article about Angeline Bergman Elberson (born 1836), our 1st cousin four times removed. She lived in Ohio and Indiana and seems like she was a pistol. She divorced her husband (very rare back then) and never remarried — too free-spirited, I’m guessing.

In 1884, when she was 48, she was granted a patent for a “Poultice” for treating diphtheria and other diseases. (Being in the patent business, that intrigued me.) She was very into herbal healing. She went abroad — don’t know where — for a while to sell herbs and be a missionary.

Finally, in the early 1900’s, she landed in Los Angeles where she lived downtown. The attached news article was published in the Los Angeles Herald on February 22, 1910.

All I want to know is what happened to the chickens?!


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