Wellness Day

Posted: February 14th, 2017 by

Although Global Wellness Day isn’t traditionally celebrated until the second Saturday of June, BKW’s partners hosted a firm Wellness-Mindfulness Day on Valentine’s Day this year. We began with a two-hour, seated office yoga workshop with Katy Hawkins — of Katy Hawkins Yoga — who has outstanding knowledge of the mind-body connection and taught us practical skills from current neurobiological research for optimal brain function. While that may sound dull and boring, Katy kept us continually engaged and made it fun. Our session included learning breath control techniques for steadying the mind, a review of reflexology points, poses for optimal endocrine function and an emphasis on the importance of sleep, play, exercise, time in and time out and how they relate to better focus and connection.

Our afternoon workshop featured Robert Dumin, M.D., a prominent psychiatrist who helped us explore various personality disorders as related to family law (not us, of course!), followed by an intriguing lesson on the inner peace and wellness benefits of transcendental meditation. Dr. Dumin’s detailed meditation instructions have proven quite beneficial, even to those of us who voiced some skepticism on the ability to “let go” and fully relax.

Thanks to Katy, Dr. Dumin and the awesome partners of BKW!

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