PA Super Lawyers 2020

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We are honored to have six of our seven attorneys named to the 2020 Pennsylvania Super Lawyers® lists (pp. 28, 32, 54-55 and 81). Attorneys are chosen through nominations from PA lawyers, research of periodicals, databases and interviews; all nominees’ background and experience are researched as well. Only 5% of Pennsylvania attorneys are named to the annual list, which is what makes it such an honor to be included.

And, a special shout out to Megan Watson, who was named to the PA Super Lawyers “Top 50 Women” (p. 28) practitioners for ranking at the top of the list in the “nomination, research and blue ribbon review process.”

Joni Berner – Alternative Dispute Resolution
Joni founded our firm in 1987 and has been committed to the peacemaking part of our practice since day one. She has always advocated for out-of-court negotiation and settlement and keeping client costs to a minimum by instituting our firm’s unbundled/limited scope services. Her lightning-quick wit, creative flair and huge heart are unmatched. Joni is trained in collaborative family law practice and mediation and is available for arbitration. She has been honored annually as a PA Super Lawyer since 2012.

Margaret Klaw – Family Law
Margaret partnered with Joni in 1992 when both were parents of young children and helped the partnership evolve into a firm supporting the balance of parenting while lawyering. She wrote an entire book about practicing family law – Keeping it Civil and has won numerous awards, including Super Lawyers’ Top 50 Women in 2017. “Margy” makes everything she does look effortless and always knows just what to say. She is a trained mediator and also serves as a family law arbitrator. Margaret has been honored annually as a PA Super Lawyer since 2006.

Megan Watson – Family Law
Megan began her legal career at “Berner & Klaw” as a 2L. She became a partner in 2006 and her name went on the door in 2009. While she represents parties without children, Megan’s practice has always focused on the best interest of the children involved in her cases. Megan is as fiery as she is loving, devoted, kind and truly genuine. She is a trained mediator and frequently serves as a family law arbitrator. Megan’s energy and commitment to the public interest is demonstrated by her history of non-profit board service and volunteering, for which she has won numerous awards. She has been honored annually as a PA Super Lawyer since 2013 and as one of their Rising Stars since 2005. Megan was also honored as one of the Top 50 Women practitioners in Pennsylvania for 2020.

Lisa Shapson – Family Law
Lisa has been practicing family law for over 20 years; she has been a partner at Berner Klaw & Watson since 2017. Lisa is well-known for her wonderful sense of humor and mentorship of many young lawyers in law school and newly admitted to the bar. On the job, she excels at case management and has always shared her wealth of knowledge and pragmatic approach to practicing family law topics through various publications. Lisa is a trained mediator and parenting coordinator – approved in Bucks, Chester, Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties – and is also available as a family law arbitrator. She has been honored annually as a PA Super Lawyer since 2013 and as one of their Rising Stars in 2010.

Jennifer Dumin – Family Law
Jennifer has been practicing family law since 2006. She was a solo practitioner before joining the Berner Klaw & Watson family in 2015. Jennifer’s Masters in Social Work, along with her innate calm and positive nature, make her a natural at negotiating and litigating custody cases. She is also highly empathetic and committed to the well-being of LGBTQ individuals in family law matters. Jennifer earned her first PA Super Lawyer honor just this year; she has been named as one of their Rising Stars annually since 2016.

Eileen Murphy – Family Law
Eileen has been practicing family law since 2010. After leaving the Berner Klaw & Watson law clerk program for newly barred/about to be admitted attorneys in 2012, she practiced with a well-known arbitrator for several years before rejoining our team in 2017. Possessed with a sharp focus – and an equally sharp wit – Eileen is an incredibly compassionate and gifted practitioner who negotiates and litigates for clients with the greatest of ease. She is also available as a family law arbitrator; her views on the subject and other family law topics are available under “Publications” here. Eileen was named to the Rising Stars list for the first time this year.

Phillip Sylvester

Although Phillip is not eligible for a Super Lawyers designation as a new practitioner, we have high hopes. Phillip joined us as a law clerk in 2018 and his dedication to family law issues and compassion for our clients compelled us to offer him a spot. We are fortunate to have such a perceptive and insightful practitioner on our team. We predict Phillip’s inclusion on a future Rising Stars list – he’s that good.


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