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Full House? Why Wait? Mediate!

Full House? Why Wait? Mediate! Is your house feeling a little too FULL lately? Mary-Kate Olsen, former child star of the television sitcom “Full House” thought so recently when she asked a Manhattan, New York… Read More

No One Cares About Your Affair

          No one cares about your affair. One of the questions that often arises in divorce consultations is infidelity. Sometimes it is emotional infidelity but, usually, it is the earthier type…. Read More

Posted: May 4th, 2020

PA Equitable Distribution and Paternity Case Law Updates

Eileen Murphy served as a Case Law, Rules & Legislative Updates panelist at the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Family Law Section Summer Meeting held between July 11-14, 2019 in Orlando, Florida. She presented case law on… Read More

Posted: July 15th, 2019