A Different Road

Alternative Dispute Resolution/ADR

While everyone is entitled to their day in court, not everyone wants one. The most cost-effective and time-saving way to resolve your family law matter is through negotiation of an agreement, whether you can do that on your own and hire a lawyer to finalize the terms in writing for both parties to sign, or whether you need an attorney to facilitate the process and negotiate an agreement for you. The benefits of ADR allow parties to control the decision process themselves and avoid the expense and time involved with going to court and having to wait for a decision.

Alternative Dispute Resolution options for settling family law matters without going to court include arbitration, collaborative practice, mediation and parenting coordination.

BKW has always promoted alternatives to litigation as a more cost-effective way to resolve differences. Each of our attorneys offers a wealth of experience, knowledge and creativity when customizing and negotiating family law solutions through ADR methods.