Tort:  an action that wrongly causes harm, but
is not a crime and is dealt with in a civil court.

Domestic Torts

We define the practice of family law broadly to include tort (personal injury) actions brought on behalf of plaintiffs who have suffered injury as a result of child abuse, sexual assault or domestic violence. Examples of cases we have handled in the past include: a client who was beaten by her ex-boyfriend and suffered serious and permanent injuries to her nose and jaw; a client who was sexually abused over a period of years by a day care worker and had severe psychological repercussions as a result; and a wrongful death suit on behalf of the estate of a woman who was murdered by her husband.

While there are many incidents of abuse and sexual assault, only a fraction of them are viable as civil lawsuits.

We carefully screen cases to determine if the incident happened within the applicable statute of limitations (within the past two years if the victim is an adult, before age twenty if the victim is a child). Our attorneys will also consider whether we will be able to prove that the defendant caused the plaintiff’s damages, and if the defendant has assets from which we can recover those damages, as many of these claims are not covered by insurance.