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to all families.


BKW Family Law has a long history of representing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer clients in family matters, going back to the days when non-biological parents lacked standing to even seek custody rights and up until the present when our LGBTQ clients in both New Jersey and now Pennsylvania can marry and divorce. Our representation includes child custody cases, child support actions, second parent adoptions, surrogacy and sperm donor agreements and transgender name changes. For our LGBTQ clients who prefer not to marry, we draft domestic partnership agreements which define the partners’ rights and obligations in the event those partnerships end.

LGBTQ clients married elsewhere may now divorce in Pennsylvania.

And for those LGBTQ clients whose relationships dissolve without the benefit of such agreements, we help negotiate and draft resolutions of their disputes over property and, if disposition of jointly titled real estate cannot be agreed upon, we bring partition actions in civil court to obtain judicial determination of our clients’ interests.

Lisa Shapson

Same-Sex Divorce/Separation ~ PA & NJ