We understand the importance of a name.

Name Change

If you are seeking to change your or your child’s legal name, we can help you. For children, we will need to demonstrate that the proposed name change is in your child’s best interest. If the other parent agrees, the change is usually approved. If the other parent objects to the change, we will need to present testimony in court about why the new name will benefit your child and should be approved, despite the other parent’s opposition.

If you use your spouse’s last name, you may resume use of your birth name at any time without court approval.

Adult names changes also require a court appearance, but are generally granted as there is unlikely to be any opposition. But, prior to that court appearance, there are several steps which need to be taken such as judgment searches and publication of your request for a name change, which are not required for children.

Many of our clients ask us what they need to do to resume the use of their birth names after divorce. If you took your spouse’s last name when you married and now wish to revert to use of your birth name, you do not need court approval. However, we can help you by filing a notice of your intent to do so which may be useful when requesting that banks and other institutions change the last name on your accounts.