My friend . . . might be calling you. He needs a divorce attorney. I told him your firm is the best!

Needless to say, we like happy clients and, although we cannot guarantee the outcome of any case, we care about our clients’ families and strive to achieve the best results. Thanks to those of you who have taken the time to write and tell us how much of a difference we made in your lives . . .

I just want to extend to you my really heartfelt thanks for your incredibly efficient, flexible and thoughtful work on my behalf. All your advice and procedural information was spot on and enabled me to manage this myself in a cost effective and not too burdensome way. For once I felt genuinely empowered and effective in dealing with a person who has repeatedly left me feeling completely stonewalled. A very Big deal!! I searched high and low for an attorney for guidance for this relatively simple (were it not for the crazy undecipherable Delco courts) matter. You were the single attorney who agreed to guide me without requiring a down payment and full representation. Had only I found you in 2012! I’m sure my whole divorce would have gone more smoothly, let alone the travel conundrums I had to deal with thereafter.

Additionally, every person I encountered at your office was helpful, friendly, and professional. It’s a stand out operation over there! In particular, hats off to Michael, who is a gem. (I love the way he is at the center of the BK&W Family Law picture, the hub of the wheel, front and center, right where he is in the office, even though he is not an attorney. That says a lot about the firm right there!)

You will certainly be at the top of my list to recommend to clients and friends seeking legal resources in family law.

December 2019

Ugh. I’m so thankful that women warriors like you are out there to protect us from the horrific choices of our youth.

Thank you for giving me your strength and courage until I could find my own again.

I am just very happy that you were on my side and not across the table.

You went beyond being a great lawyer . . . and gave me the support and rational feedback which I desperately needed.
Philadelphia County Attorney-Client

I just want to repeat that the judge pulled me aside to say she had never seen such a good direct and cross. You rock. Thank you for stepping in and helping me — especially in such a challenging case. Send me a bill.
Co-counsel in Delaware County custody case

Thank you for all your hard work and support over the last few months. You have a very difficult job and I appreciate your honesty and kindness through everything we’ve been through so far. Thank you for making me feel like what has happened to me matters, even if we can’t win everything. We’ve won so much and I owe that to you. You helped me save [child’s name] and no matter what happens from here out, I am so proud of what we accomplished. You’re not through with me yet (yay – divorce in my future) but you deserve some accolades for all you’ve done so far. I’ll be forever grateful to you. Thank you isn’t enough.

Thank you so much for all your hard work. You were amazing today – so smart, kind and generous and tough and spot-on, and prepared – thanks for not listening to me and doing what was right for me . . . I need that bc sometimes I think I’m the smartest one in the room and today you were the smartest one in the room- thx! (and if I was the smartest one – I wouldn’t be in this mess . . .)

Thank you so very much for helping me achieve this feat. I wasn’t sure I had the courage to make it happen but with your assistance, I feel so empowered and relieved to finally be “divorced.” Thank you both for your work on my case! (attorney-paralegal team compliment)

Going through an absolutely brutal custody and support battle with an ex that has unlimited funds and zero sense of decency, I would not have made it through the long and drawn out (going on 2 years, through NO FAULT of theirs) case without my attorney.  She and the firm have not only kept me sane . . . but has made every effort to keep costs down and keep everything efficient.
I just got your firm’s thanksgiving note, and realized I was overdue in saying thanks to you. It’s been years (like 15 or 16) since you first helped me with my custody situation with my son. Am happy to report that he graduated from high school last year and the last of the old custody/support arrangements wrapped up . . . Really appreciate all the help you provided all those years ago. I often mention you to friends that are struggling with family law issues as a person that made a huge difference in mine and [our son’s] life. So thanks!!!

Emails on weekend and the evening, hand holding when necessary and ass kicking when called for . . . I know that she is personally invested in my family in the best possible way.  I am unbelievably fortunate to have found this firm . . . and anyone else would be as well!

To all at BKW,
Congrats on your 30 years in March [2017]. I guess my case took up a significant stretch of that time 😀.
I remain thankful for the consummately professional way you handled my divorce. It left no ill feelings between the parties, the ultimate success.


I felt comfortable and secure in your abilities as an attorney after the consultation on 8/29/17, your warm demeanor and professionalism evident.


Well, we actually are CURRENTLY working with . . . BK&W . . . and could not be happier.  Both she and the firm in its entirety have treated us with the utmost respect and care . . . The attention that she has given us and our case cannot be surpassed. We feel like she TRULY cares about us and the child involved. We have also heard amazing things about the other attorneys in the practice. When I have brought our younger child in with me for meetings, they have been overly welcoming and caring towards all of us. We would recommend this firm to ANYONE. HIGHLY.

Yelp 2016

[She] represented me in my divorce proceedings. As you can imagine, it was an incredibly difficult and trying time made worse by the fact that my ex and I have a child who needed to be taken into consideration. [She] was exactly what you want in an advocate. When I was overly emotional about things she acted as a heat sink to keep me focused and when I was down and struggling, and consequently thinking of giving up on rights and fights that I shouldn’t, she was a zealous advocate and real firebrand. She kept me focused and grounded. [She] understood exactly what my goals were and pursued them relentlessly even at times when I lost sight of them.

My ex-wife hired one of the biggest most expensive firms in Philadelphia to oppose me and from day one they tried to throw their weight around. [She] never batted an eyelash. She went toe to toe with them and forced them to back down when they and my ex-wife tired to bully me into accepting terrible settlements or truly vile restrictions on my parenting rights. In the end she secured a settlement that protected my rights and those of my daughter. I am a licensed attorney myself (I do not practice family law) and I would never ever hesitate to recommend [her] to someone who finds themselves in the unfortunate situation of a divorce or custody battle.

Avvo 2015

[She] represented me in my divorce matter. I am also an attorney (hence, the anonymous review) and my case should have been uncomplicated. I first appeared pro se, and received very poor treatment by the court. Had I agreed to the terms the judge “recommended,” I would be in financial straights right now and would have lost my home (and more importantly, my daughter’s home). [She] represented me with ALL due diligence, competence, and compassion. I kept my home and the settlement and terms to which my ex-husband and I agreed were as fair as one can expect in a divorce. Months before retaining [her], I consulted with a highly recommended attorney and her fee was almost three times what [she] charged. (In fact, her fee would have cost me almost as much as I would have received in the settlement.) As a client and as an attorney who has handled divorce matters in the past, I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Avvo 2015

2015 – When asked how she was referred to Berner Klaw & Watson, she replied:
Oh god, who didn’t refer me? You guys are the family law powerhouse known for being honest, fair and reasonable lawyers. Everyone knows you guys.

2015 – I hope this letter finds you well and leaves you better. I believe I left a balance due for your representation in the 1990’s. Today, I would like to correct any error and set the matter right . . . I hope this effort will allow you to forgive me for my lack of consideration to your fine work on my behalf. Thank you.

It is literally indescribable for me to verbalize the profound gratitude and respect I have for you. You are the antithesis of the legal ‘representatives’ I have been attempting to interact with in ‘The States’ over the past several years. You epitomize what a true legal advocate and attorney should be, but rarely is.

I am writing to convey my most sincere and deep appreciation for your consideration of me . . . this made an extraordinary difference in my life and well being, and I cannot thank you enough. Moreover, I wish to thank you for being who you are. The fear of dealing with divorce was in some way mitigated each time I met or spoke with you by phone, and the caring you demonstrated will not be forgotten.
Thanks so much for all the help you have given so that I may have my son back . . . I cannot thank you enough.
I just want to thank you for taking the time to speak to [my client]. He is very comfortable with your advice.

I am grateful for your calm, cut to the crux, understanding of the issues . . . Thank you for helping me feel this relief and freedom I so desperately needed. You have a terrific staff and I will [and have] pass[ed] your name along.

Thank you so much for all your help, it’s never a joy to do these things but your support was a blessing.

I received your bill for August & September time and there is a problem. You have charged me too little . . . Please don’t misunderstand me — I truly appreciate your efforts to keep the costs as low as possible but this isn’t realistic. You are a very kind person, and as domestic relations counsel I could ask for none better. True, I cannot pay all of your charges immediately but all charges will be paid . . . you are worth every penny, and then some. Thank you. For everything!

I wanted to thank you for ALL of the support and help that you and your firm was able to provide . . . Thank you SO much for everything you did for me. CHALK ONE UP FOR THE GOOD GUYS!!!!!!

To the most wonderful lawyer – For your compassion, dedication, wisdom and tenacity. Thank you!
Just wanted you to know everything seems under control. I am hopeful not to need your services . . . Miss you, but glad I haven’t needed you ☺.

I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for your time and tell you it was very nice meeting you yesterday . . . I really appreciate the advice you provided and I feel much better that there is going to be a reasonable path forward to reach a custody agreement and remove some of the uncertainty/stress of the current situation. Thanks again.

She was very compassionate, very down to earth and determined to get the best possible result. [She] is fantastic!!!
From the moment I met her, I knew that [she] was on her game. She treated me as though I were her only client.
[She] was very informative and very supportive. She did an awesome job!

Now that we are divorced, [we] are a happy family with two homes . . . I am pleased that you allowed me to get what I wanted rather than the many attorneys who would have tried to talk me into a court battle and more $$ for their firm. Please remain the wonderful attorney you are . . . I am glad things ended so easily and quickly; however, I am disappointed I did not have more dealings with you.

To my attorney, who believes in me and makes me believe in myself, pushes me to the forward, the one I appreciate every second she is taking from her time to stand beside me and my dear son. You are a wonderful, loyal person and besides, you are an excellent, caring and very professional lawyer. Words cannot express how grateful I am for all you have done.

[She] made the whole process easy for my family and me. If I had any questions or concerns, she was only a phone call or an email away.

i did not want the day to pass without thanking you again for your work today. i thought you did a great job prepping me for all the possibilities which is really important to me and i was really happy with how you handled * and his lawyer and all the staff at the courthouse . . . and you were completely prepared – thank you thank you, i know we have a lot to do but i feel for the first time in 6 mos. that i can get thru it.


I LOVE BKW!!! Forever and ever . . . xoxoxo

I highly recommend . . . Berner Klaw & Watson . . . [she] was very responsive, caring and level-headed in the handling of my divorce. If you are looking for a great attorney who works hard for a resolution that protects the well being of you and your children, contact [her.] Yelp 2011

I, too, highly recommend this firm and was a client . . . a number of years ago . . . invaluable to me during a difficult time with child custody negotiations. I have recommended a friend or two to BK&W, LLP.

Yelp, 2010

“. . . excellent, diligent and results-oriented family attorney . . . she has been invaluable to me during my child custody and child support cases. I recommend her and this firm.”

Yelp 2009

We also appreciate our colleagues who have taken time to share their thoughts on working with us:

Just wanted to let you know that [your associate] did a fantastic job this morning arguing the appeal. Both myself and our Child Welfare appellate attorney were there and we are both of the opinion that she was clear, confident and well prepared.

From the beginning, and once I was retained, I was glad she was involved. She remains a constant professional and was very pleasant to have as an adversary under the circumstances. We were able to resolve sticky issues like professionals and discuss the case openly and honestly. While we are colleagues and will be adversaries in the future, I know that with her as an opposing counsel, professionalism will rule the day. She is a tremendous asset to your office.

And, some reviews from our speaking engagements:

I wanted to thank you personally for your time today. Everyone has been talking about how you are the best speaker we’ve had at school. The conversation was so interesting and I’ve been thinking about it all since you left; especially the stuff about changes in science and how it relates to family law. Thank you again for everything and we would love for you to come back in the future!

Thank you so much for coming to speak with Family Law Society today! Everyone that attended was very impressed with your topics and passion for family law. I especially found the discussion about the changing culture of divorce intriguing with the Ourfamilywizard app and the idea of “divorce ceremonies.”

I just wanted to say how nice it was to see you again last night, to talk to you about throwing things out and family life in general, and to hear what you had to say about the financial challenges women face when going through a divorce. When I started working in this field in the early ’60’s, we knew money was a big problem for women. I’m so glad thinking and resources have progressed to better prepare women for this challenge. I haven’t thought about it in years but I remember when I divorced in the mid ’70’s, I had trouble getting credit in my own name, even though I was working and had my own income . . . Thank you for the work that you do and the spirit and concern that you bring to your work.

Thank you for meeting with my seminar class . . . The students were very interested in the presentation which I know, from subsequent discussions, they found extremely enlightening. Both they and I am very grateful that both of you, very busy professionals who are at the top of their professions, made the time to meet with us and share your expertise.

I am so glad I made it to the family law career talk today . . . Originally, I came into the talk with only a little curiosity, but as I heard all of the practicing attorneys describing their work, I could not stop thinking . . . I love the idea of helping people sort through something so important, intimate and emotional.