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Domestic Violence

Depending on your particular circumstances, we might be able to obtain a civil protection order – called a protection from abuse (PFA) order in Pennsylvania, or a restraining order in New Jersey – on your behalf. These orders prohibit the defendant from abusing, harassing or stalking you. They can also limit or completely prohibit the defendant from having any contact with you, evict the defendant from a previously shared residence and award you temporary custody of your children.

If you have been the victim of domestic violence, there are a number of legal remedies available to help keep you safe.

In addition to civil protection orders, there are other steps we can take to help protect your physical safety and obtain financial support if you are divorcing your abuser or raising a child with him or her. And if the abuse committed against you constitutes a crime, such as assault, we can provide counsel about how to navigate the criminal justice system and advocate for you with your local police and district attorney.